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Instructions for filling the Application Form
General Instructions
Please note down the six-digit application number for future reference. Read the instructions carefully before filling the application form. Refer to the sample filled in application form provided on the last two pages.
First write in capital letters the required information in rectangular boxes above the circles (wherever provided) and then darken the appropriate circle underneath each letter. What you write in these boxes is only for your guidance and for verification that you are darkening the correct circle.
A machine will process the top portion of the application form. The machine picks up only dark marks. Therefore, darken the circles carefully using HB pencil or blue / black ball pen only. Please see the illustration on the application form to learn how to darken the circles.
If you wish to change a marking, erase the darkened circle completely and then darken the appropriate circle. This is possible if you are using pencil. Otherwise, you can use white correction fluid for covering wrongly darkened circle.
Do not scribble, smudge, cut, tear, or wrinkle the application form. Do not put any stray marks any where on the application form.
Do not write or mark on the Barcodes.
Your photograph, signature and address are to be scanned by another machine that recognize only good quality images, and from the specified areas of the form. Therefore paste a good black and white photograph taken not more than two months earlier, and write your address and sign in black / blue ball pen only.
Please note that your name, your parents/ guardian’s name, and your date of birth should exactly be the same as in your High school or your first Board / Pre-University examination certificate. Any departure, whenever discovered, may lead to cancellation of your candidature.
Your application must be complete in all aspects. Incomplete application or application filled in a language other than English will be summarily rejected without any notice.
Options filled by you in the application form can not be changed at a later stage.
It is suggested that you make a photocopy of the application form before filling and use that first for practice.