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Rules for JEE-06
Entrance Exam
The Joint Entrance Examination will be held as per the scheduled date and time mentioned.
The medium of examination is English.
The examination hall shall be opened to the candidates half an hour before the examination commences. No candidate will be allowed to enter in the examination hall without a valid original / duplicate admit card.
Candidates are required to take their respective seats at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination, strictly according to the sitting chart notified earlier by the Centre Superintendent.
In no case a candidate be allowed to enter the examination hall after the examination starts.
Attendance will be taken by the invigilators on the Attendance Roll sheets provided with full signature of candidates against their Roll Numbers, fifteen minutes before the commencement of examination. During examination the candidates have to enter against their Roll Number, the Application Number and the answer sheet serial number on the Attendance Roll sheets which shall be verified by the invigilators.
No candidate will be allowed to leave the hall without surrendering his/ her question booklet and answer sheet until the examination is over. Ordinarily no candidate shall be allowed to leave the hall temporarily during the examination.
Candidates suffering from any disease which renders their presence in the examination hall undesirable in the interest of other candidates will not ordinarily be allowed to enter the examination hall. Candidates are not allowed to have substitute writer.
Candidates should bring their own black/blue ball pens, HB pencils for writing and blackening the circle. Books, printed papers (other than their Admit Cards), manuscripts, or electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, cell phones and electronic diary calculators etc, should not be taken into the examination hall. Use of HB pencils & eraser, black / blue ball pen for all papers and use of colour pencils (12 nos), B, 2B pencils, sketch pen, scale etc for Aptitude Test for Architecture are permitted.
The candidates are advised to inspect the question booklet and answer sheet about its completeness before attempting to answer. In case page/pages are found missing, torn or not in order, the candidates should immediately report to the invigilator and get a fresh question answer book issued after surrendering the defective one.
Candidates are not permitted to talk to each other in the examination hall. No one should receive any help from or assist another in any manner. Malpractice of any form detected during or after the examination would entail not only cancellation of candidature but also more severe punishment as deemed fit by the JEE committee.
A candidate should write his/her roll number as assigned in his/her admit card and sign in the space provided in the question booklet and answer sheet. He/she should on no account write anywhere in the answer sheet his/her own name, roll number or any thing else that is not strictly connected with the answers to the question given. Writing of any such thing or a false Roll Number is a serious offence. The answer sheet without the candidate’s roll number clearly written in the space provided will not be examined.
A candidate wishing to say anything should stand up in his/her seat and remain standing until the invigilator attends to him/her. He/she should on no account leave the seat or make any noise to draw the invigilator’s attention.
In any other matter not provided in these rules, the Centre Superintendent is empowered to take necessary decisions.