Age limit : Wherever there is no age limit for taking admission (vide clause 4), the Government of Orissa will not be responsible for any regulation of service where such requirement for age exists. The candidate should take admission at his/her own risk as regards to age.

Medical Fitness :
JEE will not be responsible if a candidate faces difficulty in employment on medical ground. Candidates claiming reservation under physically handicapped category will have to go through a Medical Board (Clause 2.1.3 of Information Brochure). The decision of the Medical Board will be final and binding.

1. A machine will process the top portion of the application form. The machine picks up only dark marks. Therefore, darken the appropriate circles using HB pencil or Black/Blue ball pen only.
2. First, write in capital letters the required information in the boxes above the circles (wherever provided) and then darken the appropriate circle underneath each of them. What you write in the boxes is only for your guidance that you are darkening the correct circle. Ensure that you have darkened the correct circle, as you are responsible for any error in darkening.
3. Do not scribble, smudge, cut, tear, or wrinkle the application form. Do not put any stray marks any where on the application form.
4. Your photograph, signature and address are to be scanned by another machine that recognizes only good quality images, and from the specified areas of the form. Therefore, paste a good black and white photograph in the space provided taken not more than two months earlier, and write your address and sign in Black/Blue ball pen only in the space provided.
5. Write the complete address giving your name and PINCODE carefully and legibly. Please note that this block will appear as such in all our correspondence with you, and therefore, it should be very clearly written in Black/Blue ball pen only. If you make any mistake, cover the whole box with an exact size white paper slip and write your address on it. Your address must not overflow this box. You may, if possible, type your address on a slip not larger than the box and paste it neatly within the box.
6. Do not fold the form. The envelope matches with the size of the form. Do not put any pin or staple. Paste only the photograph and nothing else on the form.
7. You are advised to ensure the correctness of your mailing address, PINCODE, and telephone number, if any, with STD codes. Please note that JEE-2005 will not be responsible if communications do not reach you due to incomplete or illegible address/ phone number.
8. You must quote the five digit application number of your application form as a reference in all your future correspondence.
9. If the acknowledgement card does not reach you by 29th April, 2005, you must check the website in the address given in back cover page.
10. Your application must be complete in all aspects. Incomplete application or application filled in a language other than English will be summarily rejected.
11. Options such as Category, Choice of examination center and Reservation filled by you in the application form can not be changed at a later stage.
12. Only give options with respect to category (S, OS, NR) and Reservation type (SC / ST /  PH / GC / WO / MI) that you can substantiate with documentary evidence during counselling.
13. The cost of application material is non-refundable.
14. Some JEE examination Centres may be located outside Orissa for outside state candidates only if sufficient candidates are available. The candidates opting for an examination center located outside Orissa, must opt for two other centers inside Orissa. Any centre may be cancelled if sufficient candidates are not available for that centre or due to any other reason.
15. Do not submit any document along with the application form to support your claim.
16. Your admission may be cancelled at any time, if certificate / mark sheets / any other documents found to be forged or manipulated. A candidate will not be considered for admission if he/she fails to substantiate the claim with respect to reservation, category, nativity, date of birth, qualification etc.
17. The candidates are advised to remit the Application Form at JEE Cell by Registered Post / Speed Post or through registered courier service.

Orissa State Candidates ( S- Category)
For admission to colleges under state category one has to satisfy at least one of the following three criteria. They will be eligible for admission to Government colleges on the basis of their merit rank. However, for MBBS / BDS course and lateral entry for diploma holders, the parents of the candidate must be permanent resident of Orissa.

(a) The candidate must have passed/ appeared 10+2 Science examination from any of the recognised institution in the State.
(b) Parents of the candidate must be permanent resident of Orissa. To claim benefit under this category, a candidate shall furnish at the time of counselling a permanent residence certificate, in prescribed form (Appendix-I of Information Brochure) from a Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tahasildar of the area where his/her parents have permanent residence.
(c) Sons/ daughters / spouse of the permanent employees of Government of Orissa/ Govt. of India/ Govt. of Orissa undertakings/ Govt. of India undertakings serving in the State of Orissa at the time of application. To claim the benefits under this category, candidate has to submit a certificate from the employer of his/ her parents/ spouse in the prescribed form (Appendix-II of Information Brochure) at the time of counselling.

Outside state category  (OS - Category)
Outside state candidates are eligible to appear for JEE-2005. They will be eligible for admission to Engineering/ Technology/ Pharmacy/MCA/MBA/HMCT/Architecture streams in private colleges of Orissa, on the basis of their rank secured in the merit list for the state quota seats only. They are not elligible for admission in Government Colleges to Engineering/Architecture / MBA / MCA / MBBS / BDS and admission under lateral entry Programme.

Non resident Oriyas  (NR - Category)
5% of seats are reserved in government engineering colleges for Oriya speaking people residing outside the State of Orissa. A candidate to be eligible to avail such facility should have oriya as a subject at High School or at level of Class - VII or at Primary level and he/she should produce attested copies of the mark-sheet / Certificate of concerned State in support of his/her claim at the time of counselling.

Instructions for Completing JEE Application Form

Name of the Candidate : (Item - 1)
Write your name in CAPITAL LETTERS as given in your original certificate of the High School or equivalent examination in Black / Blue ball pen. Write a single letter in each box. Within any one word of your name, do not leave any blank box. Leave one and only one blank box between any two words of the name. If your name has several initials leave one blank after each of them. If it requires more than 35 boxes abbreviate the middle name (s). Darken the appropriate circle under each letter of the name.

Category : (Item - 2)
Refer Clause No 2 of Information brochure for ascertaining the category to which you belong.

Reservation : (Item - 3)
Candidates belonging to S-Category and seeking admission under reservation in any of the followings are to darken the appropriate circles( multiple choice may be given).

General GE
Scheduled Caste SC
Scheduled Tribe ST
Physically Handicapped PH
Children / Spouse of Defence & Paramilitary Personnel MI
Women WO
Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering DH
Children of Green Card Holder GC
Diploma Holders in Architecture DA

Nationality : (Item - 4)
Darken the appropriate circle.

Gender : (Item - 5)
Darken the appropriate circle.

Course : (Item - 6)
Enter the appropriate codes in the boxes provided at the top and darken the corresponding circles below them against the course code (given below) that you want to appear. (e.g Engineering, Medical, MCA,MBA, Lateral entry in a particular discipline or possible combinations.) For example if you are appearing for Engineering only darken the circle 01. If you are appearing for both the Engineering and Medical, darken circle 05. Examination timetable will not permit other combinations of courses.

Qualifying Examination

Course Course Code
10 +2 Engineering only 01
Medical only 02
Pharmacy only 03
Architecture only 04
Engineering and Medical 05
Engineering and Pharmacy 06
Engineering and Architecture 07
Medical and Pharmacy 08
Pharmacy and Architecture 09
Engineering and Medical and Pharmacy 10
Engineering and Pharmacy and Architecture 11
Hotel Management & Catering Technology 12
Bachelor Degree Master of Business Administration 31
Master in Computer Application 32
MBA and  MCA 33
Diploma Applied Electronics & Instrumentation 51
Automobile Engineering 52
Chemical Engineering 53
Civil Engineering / Rural Technology 54
Computer Application & Programming 55
Computer Science & Engineering 56
Electrical Engineering 57
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering 58
Information Technology 59
Mechanical Engineering / Tool and Die Making 60
Metallurgical Engineering 61
Mining Engineering 62
Pharmacy 63
Textile Engineering 64
Drilling 65
Hotel Management & Catering Technology 66

Mother Tongue : (Item - 7)
Use the language codes given below to indicate your mother tongue and darken the appropriate circle.

Assamese 01 Oriya 10
Bengali 02 Punjabi 11
English 03 Sanskrit 12
Gujarati 04 Sindhi 13
Hindi 05 Tamil 14
Kannada 06 Telugu 15
Kashmiri 07 Urdu 16
Malayalam 08 Others 17
Marathi 09    

Date of Birth : (Item - 8)
Enter the date, month and year of your birth as per the English calendar and as recorded in your School/ Board/Pre-University examination certificate. Use numerals 01 to 31 for DATE, abbreviations JAN, FEB etc. for MONTH, and the last two digits of the YEAR of birth. For example, if born on 8th March 1987, the date should be entered as follows : 08 MAR 87. Darken the appropriate circle in each column.

Choice of Examination Centres : (Item - 9)
Table – VIII gives a list of the numerical codes of the places where centers for the JEE-2005 will be located. Select three different places in order of your preference. Enter the appropriate codes in the boxes provided at the top and darken the corresponding circles below them. The first preference must be entered under column-I and the second and the third preferences under column-II & III respectively. Outside state candidates are to opt for at least two centres located in Orissa, besides the centre of their choice. A JEE centre may be cancelled owing to poor response, operational difficulties or any other reason. Candidates may not necessarily be allotted a particular place as JEE centre of their choice.


Inside Orissa
Place Code Place Code
Angul 11 Jeypore 25
Balasore 12 Jharsuguda 26
Bargarh 13 Kendrapara 27
Baripada 14 Keonjhar 28
Bhwanipatna 15 Koraput 29
Berhampur 16 Nayagarh 30
Bhdrak 17 Paralakhemundi 31
Bhubaneswar 18 Phulabani 32
Bolangir 19 Puri 33
Burla 20 Rayagada 34
Cuttack 21 Rourkela 35
Dhenkanal 22 Sambalpur 36
Jagatisghpur 23 Sarang 37
Jajpur 24 Sundergarh 38
Outside Orissa
Delhi 51 Kolkata 56
Guwahati 52 Raipur 57
Hyderabad 53 Ranchi 58
Jamshedpur 54 Visakhapatnam 59
Kharagpur 55    

Year of Qualifying Examination : (Item - 10) ( For Engineering/Medical/Architecture/Pharmacy/ HMCT)

(i) Those who have already passed 10+2 or an equivalent qualifying examination should indicate the year of passing and darken the appropriate circles.
(ii) MCA / MBA : Those who have already passed Bachelors Degree or an equivalent qualifying examination should indicate the year of passing and darken the appropriate circle.
(iii) Lateral Entry : Those who have already passed Diploma examination should indicate the year of passing and darken the appropriate circle.
(iv) Those who are appearing for their qualifying examination in 2005 should darken the circles corresponding to 2005.
Note : Results (Marksheets and Provisional Certificate) of qualifying examination has to be produced on the day of counselling. Without the final result of the qualifying examination, a candidate is not eligible to participate in the counselling.

Percentage of Marks : (Item - 11)


Write the actual percentage of aggregate marks obtained in the 10th class or equivalent examination, under column- I.


Write the actual percentage of aggregate marks obtained in the qualifying examination under column – II if the results are available. Otherwise, leave it blank. Enter only integer part of the percentage of marks and ignore the decimal point. For example 76.15, 76.57 or 76.90 be taken as 76 only. Darken the appropriate circles against each entry

Photograph : (Item - 12)
Paste ( do not staple) a recent good quality black and white photograph of size 3 cm x 4 cm taken not more than two months earlier. It is expected that the candidate will have the same appearance at the time of examination and counselling as in this photograph. Incase your appearance changes, you are required to bring two new photographs at the time of examination. Do not sign on the photograph and do not get it attested.

Note :

Photograph should not be larger than the space provided in the box for pasting it. Keep four more copies of the same photograph, to be required at the time of counselling.

Complete Mailing Address : (Item - 13)
Write the complete postal address to which any communication is to be sent till August 2005. The address must include your name, C/o name if required, and other details including the PINCODE for the mail to reach you. Indicate phone number, if any, with STD code. Please note that this block will be machine scanned and therefore, it should be written very clearly in black / blue ball pen only (not in pencil). If you make any mistake, cover the whole box with an exact sized white paper slip and write your address on it. You may also paste a typed address slip inside the box. Your address must not overflow this box.

Signature : (Item - 14)
Put your usual signature in black / blue ball pen within the box provided. Your signature must not overflow or touch the border of the box provided. Your signature establishes your identity. Hence, do not merely write your name in capital letters. This may lead to rejection of your application.

Board of Qualifying Examination : (Item - 15)
Darken the appropriate circle.

PINCODE of Address for Communication : (Item - 16)
Write PINCODE in the space provided. Darken the appropriate circle against each digit.

Phone Number including STD Code : (Item - 17)
Write your phone number, if there is any, with STD code, on which you can be contacted or a message can be left for you. Darken the appropriate circles below the phone number.

This Attempt at JEE : (Item - 18)
Will JEE-2005 be your first, second or a higher attempt? Darken the appropriate circle.

Name of one Parent / Guardian : (Item - 19)
Write the name of one of your parent or guardian exactly as in your 10th class or equivalent certificate, if given. Write the name of your father if no name is given in the 10th certificate. Write a single letter in a box. Within any word of the name, do not leave any blank box. Leave one and only one blank box between any two words of the name. Darken the appropriate circle under each letter of the name. If the name has several initials, leave one blank after each of them.

Relationship : (Item - 20)
Indicate your relationship with the parent/ guardian named in item 6.19 by darkening the appropriate circle.

Candidate’s Residence district (Item - 21)
Candidate’s belonging to S-category (Orissa State candidates) should mention the code against the name of the district where he/she studied +2 course in Government Colleges / Institutions.