Ref No: #Bput/452, dated 24/01/2006
CIRCULAR: Clarifications regarding Subject Registration, Attendance and change in Syllabi.
(1) Subject Registration

There shall be no limit on the number of subjects in which a student can register. This may be implemented with immediate effect.

Important Note: A student can register only those subjects which are available in that semester as per his/her syllabus.

For example:

(I)   A 3rd semester student has “F” grade in Math ?; he is not eligible to register for the same subject (Math ?) in 4th semester. He can register the same paper in the supplementary examination/next 3rd semester.

(II)  A student of 5th semester Computer science/Electrical and Electronics has “F” grade in “CPEC5305: Microprocessor and Microcontroller”; he is not eligible to register for this subject in the 6th semester because this subject is not available in their 6th semester syllabus. He can register this subject in the supplementary examination.

(2) Attendance

A student shall not be allowed to appear in the semester examination (including supplementary of that year) in those particular theory subjects where he has shortage of attendance. He will be allowed to appear at the theory examinations in other subjects where he/she has no shortage of attendance. This may be implemented with immediate effect.

(3) (A) Changes in syllabi-Engineering

(I) BCSE9305: Project (2 credit): This is to be replaced by: “BCSE9305: Network Laboratory” for 6th semester Computer Science/IT branches. The syllabus for “Network Lab” is to be followed which is enclosed herewith pending post facto approval of board of studies. Students registered for this subject (Project) will be automatically replaced with the “Network Lab”.

(II) PECS3301 Artificial Intelligence: Syllabus of IT for 6th semester is to be followed for both 6th semester Computer Science and IT branches.

(III) CPEE5302 Control Systems Engineering: Module 4 to be deleted in 5th semester and 6th semester for this subject.

      (B) Changes in Syllabi – HMCT

(I) HSSM4101 Communicative English (1st Semester): The syllabus for this subject is same as that of engineering branches (1st semester).

(II) II. HMFN4104 Food science and Nutrition (1st Semester): This is to be exchanged with HMFM4110 Basic Accounting; 2nd semester-HMFM4104 Food Science and Nutrition.