The University of Management System is adopted for online registration of subjects for End Semester (even) examination. All the principals/ Directors (Engg.Colleges) are requested to register the subjects for 8th and 6th semester examination 2007. The link is available through BPUT website ( under the heading ‘Registration’. The step-wise instructions are stated below:
Go to BPUT website i.e.
Click Registration link. ( icon is flashing)
Here two links are available i.e.
6th Semester Registration.
8th Semester Registration.
By clicking on links of login page for the required semester the respective semesters can be opened.

Select Login As:* College Administrator
User Id:* Three digit college code (ex : 106 for CET)
Password:* (Intimated over Telephone [06612501349])
Then Click Login button to log to BPUT University Management System.
  All * marked fields are mandatory.
After successful login, Application Navigator Page will open as shown below.
Edit College Profile: College details should be entered.
Change Password: Change your password if necessary.
Log Out: You need to logout after each login.

Fig. 2

                                          Fig. 2a
Edit College Profile: College details should be entered.

Change Password: Change your password if necessary.
Available University Exam For Registration: This link will show the availability of examinations that can be registered by students. This page has links to view/ mofify“subjects structures “per semester &”student registration”.

Fig. 3
Under the heading Available exams, click on the appropriate check box to choose the exam that the student want to register. Then Click on the button showing "Related Subject Structure" to view/ mofify subject structure for a branch.

Fig. 4
In this page select the Branch. Under the heading “Task”, three buttons are there.
Previews the University allotted subject branch wise.
Previews the College: previews college level course structure after modification by the college.
Select the subjects provided by the university.

Fig. 5
Here to eliminate the subjects, it is required to click on the checkbox of the respective name of the subjects. Then Save the page to create Subject structure. Then close the page.

Similar structures can be made for all the branches. Repetition of process from (Fig.4 to Fi.5).
         After subject creation is over, the students need to register for the same subjects. To do student registration, go to application navigator by clicking the link paced on the top of the page. Then click on “Available University Exam For Registration” and select the available exam by clicking on the checkbox (Process shown in Fig.3). Then click “Student Registration”.

The new page will show the students’ name and registration number. Select the branch to see the students branch wise.

The student list carries three buttons for each student.
Preview button to see student registration details.
Modify button to modify the chosen subjects.
Delete button to delete a students registered subjects
To register, a student has to click on modify button, then tick the subject checkbox followed by Save to finalise the registration.
To View Registration Details at the College level by the College Administrator:
Click on the Application Navigator button to view the main page. Then go to “Student Registration Report”. Then select the exam under the heading “Select University Exam to Generate Student Registration Report” and click “Registration Report”. In the new page select the branch and click “Generate Registration Report” to see the registration report for that particular branch.

Fig. 6
Activity Log: This link shows the list of events taken place throughout the day in this software. It records no of logins, addition, updation, and deletion of records and time of each event.