1128 hrs Arrival of the Chief Guest, Prof. S.K. Dube; he proceeds to the Robing Room.
1130 hrs Arrival of Hon’ble Chancellor, His Excellency Shri Rameshwar Thakur, Hon’ble Governor of Orissa, he proceeds to Robing Room.
1135 hrs Hon’ble Chancellor; Chief Guest and the Vice Chancellor enter the Grace Room.
1136 hrs Meeting in the Grace Room for Supplicating Graces begins.
1141 hrs Meeting in the Grace Room for Supplicating Graces ends.
(The Hon’ble Chancellor leaves the Grace Room along with the Chief Guest & the Vice-Chancellor).
1141 hrs Assembly of Members of Board of Management; Deans and Members, Academic Council.
1142 hrs The Hon’ble Chancellor, the Chief Guest and the Vice – Chancellor, join the Academic Procession.
1146 hrs Academic Procession arrives at the Convocation Pandal (Invocation will be on).
1147 hrs NATIONAL ANTHEM after the Academic Procession Members take their seats.
1148 hrs The Hon’ble Chancellor declares the Convocation open.
1149 hrs Report by the Vice Chancellor.
1203 hrs Conferring the Degrees.
1207 hrs Award of Medals and Prizes.
1215 hrs Signing of the Records of Degrees by the Hon’ble Chancellor.
1216 hrs Pledge by the Candidates.
1220 hrs Convocation Address by the Chief Guest.
1245 hrs Address by the Hon’ble Chancellor.
1255 hrs Presentation of Memento to the Chief Guest & The Hon’ble Chancellor.
1257 hrs The Hon’ble Chancellor declares Convocation Closed.
1300 hrs Return of Academic Procession to Robing Room.
Total : 1 hr. 30 minutes for His Excellency the Chancellor.