3rd Semester B. Tech/ B. Pharm/B. Arch/B. HMCT/ MCA Examination, December- 2005
Date Ist Sitting  2nd Sitting
10.00AM-1.00PM 2.00PM-5.00PM
B. Tech/ B. Arch/MCA/Pharmacy/HMCT
5.12.05 BSCM2201: Mathematics-III
CPTX8201: Textile Fibre-I
PCAR8201: Environmental Psychology
PCS3001:Analysis and Design of Algorithms
PH3.1: Pharmaceutics-II (Phy. Pharm-I)
HMFP4201: Food Production Operation-I
6.12.05 CPES5201: Network theory
PCAR8202: History of Architecture
PCS3002: Operating System
PH3.3: Basic Engineering-I (Unit Operations)
HMAO4203:Food & Beverage Operation-I

BENG1208: Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines

7.12.05 BSCP2202:Physics of Semiconductor Devices
BSCP2201:Physics II
CPTX8203: Yarn Manufacture-I
MGT3002: Management Information System
PH3.5:Pharm. Chemistry-III (Org. Chemistry-II)
HMFM4205: Accomodation Operation-I
8.12.05 BSCC2201: Chemistry II
BSCC2202: Material Sciences
PCAR8203: Building Services-I
PCS3003: Relational Database Management System
PH3.7: Pharmaconosy-III
HMBS4202:Foundation Course in front Office
9.12.05 BENG1201:Electrical Machines
PCAR8204: Climatology
MGT3003: Financial and Management Accounting
PH3.9: Mathematics & Statistics
HMFO4204:Hotel Accounting
10.12.05 HSSM4201: Engineering Economics & Costing
PH3.10:Engineering Economics & Costing
HMSP4206: Food & Beverage Controls
12.12.05 BCSE3201:OOPs Using C++  
13.12.05 HSSM4202: Organisation Behaviour  
14.12.05 CPES5202: Analog Electronics Circuits
CPTX8205: Fabric manufacture-I
CPCH7201:Mechanical Operations
CPMT6201: Introduction to Physical Metallurgy
PCAR8205:Structural Analysis-I
CPBT7201: Biochemistry
CPME6201: Machine Dynamics-I
CPMN8201: Geology
CPMR6202: Marine Auxilliary Machinery-I
NB: Students having back paper in BENG1105:Basic Electronics will appear the same during Ist Semester Examination.