Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Orissa



No. BPUT/1419/08 dated 11/08/2008






-                      They may start the First Year as FRESH STUDENTS as per the existing regulation.


-                      They may opt to go to Third Semester with an undertaking (format attached at the end of this notice) submitted to the respective college Principal. This undertaking is for coming under the “EXIT RULE” (i.e. quit BPUT) if three consecutive SGPAs are below 4.50




-                      They would have the chance to appear & clear the odd semester back papers at the end of the 5th semester; the even semester back papers at the end of the 6th semester. This is as per the existing regulation.


-                      As a one-time measure, these students would be allowed to get one more chance to clear their 3rd & 4th semester back papers during the Special Examinations to be held after their 8th Semester Examinations in 2010. However, the status of the number of (2006-batch) students with 3rd & 4th semester back papers will be reviewed and if the situation demands (i.e. if the number is quite large) these examinations will be held in 2010.







Undertaking Form for Students of 2007 Batch/Earlier Batch

(those who have secured a CGPA of less than 4.50 in the first and second semesters put together).











I hereby opt to go to the 3rd Semester classes. Further, I am willing to subject myself to the existing stipulation that if I have three consecutive Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) of less than 4.50, starting from my First Semester, I shall have to quit the BPUT system.






(Signature of the Student)


Name :

Class :                                                           


Regd No. :








(Counter-Signature of the Principal)