Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Orissa



General Observations & Recommendation of the

Extra Ordinary Academic Council Meeting #1/2008


(  Meeting held on Saturday, Aug. 02, 2008 )



Position according to Current Regulation



The students in BPUT get multiple chances to clear a subject within a regular four year period. Thereafter, they can go on availing the chances up to a period of 7 years from the year of admission.



[ I ]       First Year Students


(a)               First Year Students get 4 chances to clear for each exclusive subject (i.e. those not available in both 1st & 2nd Semester).


(b)               First Year Students get 8 chances to clear a subject that is available both at 1st Semester & 2nd Semester.



[ II ]      Second Year Students


(a)               Second Year Students get 3 chances to clear an exclusive subject.


(b)               Second Year Students get 6 chances to clear a subject available both in 3rd Semester & 4th Semester.



[ III ]     Third Year Students :


(a)               A Third Year Student gets 2 chances to clear an exclusive subject.


(b)               A Third Year Student gets 4 chances to clear a subject that is available in both 5th and 6th Semesters.



[ IV ]    Fourth (Final) Year Students :


(a)               A final year student gets 2 chances to clear a subject.







Excepting the 3rd year students, all the other students are getting adequate number of chances when compared to the students studying under the previous regulation of Supplementary and Year-Back.



Decision of Council on the Examinations


The handicap (in terms of number of chances to clear a subject in a 4-year duration) being faced by the Third Year Students will be corrected. The basic operating principle would be to offer THREE CHANCES (instead of the currently available two ) for clearing a back paper of an exclusive subject of 5th./ 6th. Semester.  In order to achieve the same, the following practice would be followed :


(i)                 For the students that have completed 8th Semester but have back papers in 5th and / or 6th Semester(s) may be given another chance shortly, during the period when the 7th & 8th Semester Special Examinations are going to be held. To do this, the schedule of the 5th / 6th Semester examinations will be planned so as to complete them in the shortest possible time.


(ii)               The current 7th Semester students who may have back papers in 5th and / or 6th Semesters will appear in their back papers when the regular Odd / Even Semester examinations will be held. Additionally, they will also be able to avail another chance at the end of their 8th. Semester.


(iii)             The practice of holding  Special Examinations for clearing back papers in  5th., 6th., 7th  and 8th Semesters at the end of the 8th Semester shall be a regular practice.


(iv)              The students can register in unlimited number of back papers relevant for the specific (odd or even ) semesters.


(v)                Model Questions with Answers ( or reference to Page Numbers of Text Books ) will be available before the Odd Semester Examination of 2008-09.


(vi)              Central Placement through BPUT that has already started, would be pursued more rigorously.


(vii)            All other regulations apart from those above shall continue.


               For the streams other than Engineering, the principles of the above regulations shall apply, with appropriate modifications. These would be explicitly done and mailed.