Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Orissa




Teachers’ Registration


Attention : All Colleges




The Quality of Teachers is an important input to the teaching process in general and to Technical Education in particular.


As is known, BPUT has taken steps to develop the competence of teachers through various training programmes in collaboration with NITTTR, Kolkata, IIT, Kharagpur as well as through its internal resources (using experienced teachers already available in BPUT). The teaching faculty in the BPUT system are associated with various activities of the university (e.g. evaluation of answer scripts; setting question papers etc.).


For the activities as indicated above and for many other similar exercise, an inventorisation of teachers in all colleges showing their background is essential. The mandatory declaration by the colleges required by AICTE also necessitates the list of faculty with their qualification etc. Consequently, BPUT has started a Comprehensive Teachers’ Registration Process through which every teacher would receive a unique number that would enable him access the e-attendance, e-course coverage and other e-governance processes. The process details (including on-line registration format) are available in the BPUT website (


Unfortunately, very few colleges have responded over the past months, inspite of repeated requests by the University.


Through this notice, all colleges are requested to send in (by email and by post) the complete information about their teaching faculty by Saturday, August 09,2008. Failing this, the college will not be able to continue its affiliation with the university.




Registrar I/C