Guidelines for Migration and Adjustment of Fees




It may be noticed that the Group looking after Joint Entrance Examination 2007(JEE) has made an all-out effort to fill up the vacant seats primarily in the Private Colleges by various means including multiple counselling for the First JEE as well as holding a Second JEE. These processes while bringing in fresh students, have also allowed some already admitted students to be transferred from one college to another college. Such migration was allowed so that natural justice based on ranking was not violated. Now, to implement the above process, one needs to follow some general basic guidelines.


[1]        The vacant seats arising out of migration of a student needs to be filled up by the JEE during subsequent Counselling.



[2]        Under the condition defined under [1] above, the fees paid by a student in one college (this also includes the fees collected by JEE on behalf of the college during counselling) should be adjusted after allowing certain non-refundable expenses incurred by a college (e.g., dress/ blazer expenses, identity card/ library card expenses and establishment charges etc). The colleges may deduct 10% (at a flat rate) of the fees towards handling charges for dealing with adjustment process.



[3]        The student, seeking refund shall be asked to submit an application specifying reasons to leave a college and the college may then take an appropriate decision keeping the guidelines explained  above.



[4]        The College would then forward the application (in duplicate) of the student to the University indicating the fees collected along with the fees refunded, for records and appropriate action (e.g., change of registration number etc).



[5]        The College where the student is finally going to be admitted, would indicate the total charges to be paid in writing to the student.




    Registrar I/C