No.BPUT/5678 Dated24/11/2007



Sub. : Registration of Backlog-subjects in the7thSemester, 2007.



It may be recalled that at the Extra Ordinary meeting #2 of the Academic Council held on October 27,2007, it was decided that the number of back papers in which a student can register would be a maximum of three (in addition to registration in the normal papers meant for that specific semester).


In view of the fact that the process of registration for the 7thsemester, 2007 had already begun prior to the above Extra Ordinary meeting of the Academic Council and taking into account the placement aspect of these students, it is hereby notified that there shall be no restriction on the number of back papers (in previous odd semesters), in which a student could register while at the7thsemester (for B.Tech. & B.Pharm. Streams)


As a result of this notice, students at the 7th semesters (including those who have been elevated to the 7thsemester as a consequence of the new regulation for class promotion), may register in unlimited number of back papers provided there is no short-fall in attendance requirement in the subject.




Registrar I/C