No.BPUT/5313            dated 04/10/2007



Sub. : Academic Regulation for MBA Programme.



“5.10         To Pass in a Subject


                  A candidate shall pass (clear) a subject if

a)         In a Theory Paper he/she has secured minimum of 37 percentage points taking the end term and mid term tests together. However, he / she shall have to secure minimum of 25 marks in the End Term Test  of that particular paper. In other words, even if a candidate secures Zero (0) in any paper in the Mid Term Test but secures minimum 37 marks in End Term test alone, he / she shall be declared PASS in the paper.


b)         In a Practical / Laboratory / Project Paper / Viva-voce, he / she has to secure minimum of 50 marks to be declared as PASS”.


System Specialization


01.             MPE-2052

02.             MPE – 2053

03.             MPE – 2054

04.             MPE – 2057


Change / modification suggested :


i)                    The paper will carry 3 credit points.

ii)                  The Theory portion will carry 2 credit points and lab component 1 Credit point.





Director, Curriculum Development