Dr. A.N. Acharya                                                                             No.BPUT/5167

Registrar I/C                                                                                     Sept. 12,2007


All Principals

Constituent Colleges / Affiliated Colleges

BPUT, Orissa.



Sub. : Extra-Ordinary Academic Council Meeting of BPUT on September 14,2007.



In order to discuss the recent results of the University and related issues (such as Promotional Rules; Faculty Training; Evaluation System and so on) an Extra-Ordinary Meeting of the Academic Council has been convened as per the following schedule :


Date    :           Friday, September 14,2007

Time   :           1000 hrs.

Venue :           Central Placement Cell Building, BPUT, Gandamunda, Bhubaneswar.


Kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting.


Yours truly,





Registrar I/C